Baroness Julia Neuberger
Senior Rabbi, West London Synagogue

A civilised society is:

A society that cares for the less fortunate.

A society that looks outwards, not inwards.

A society that spends less time online, and more time in relationships with real people.

A society that recognises loneliness, grief and despair in others, and regards itself as under an obligation to alleviate that pain.

A society that does not disregard the very old or the very young.

A society where free expression is treasured, but without the right to offend deliberately.

A society where common courtesy is the norm.

A society where those who have major differences seek to resolve them by discussion, whether states, peoples, faith groups or individuals.

A society where name calling and trolling is considered appalling.

A society where people own their opinions and defend them, and discuss them, in a reasoned manner.

A society where people see the welfare of the whole as being of great value – the individual is respected, but so is the sum game of the society.

A society where rituals for coping with life events are treasured and respected, so that we have a language for grief and loss.

A society where joy is valued and where people are encouraged to do the things that give them joy – arts, sciences, craft, sport.

A society where the health of the nation is of general interest.

A society which respects those who have mental ill health and neither fears nor discards them.

Baroness Julia Neuberger – Senior Rabbi, West London Synagogue