Tjinder Singh
Singer, Songwriter and Producer of the Band Cornershop

what in my view matters to civilised society?

i think leisure, leisure is time to think, space to take in our environment, to reload, re-energise, to discuss, it is play, play is experimentation, it’s working out, it’s what we expect of our kids, and why we work hard to afford or allow them play

leisure, of course was to be the promised land in the 80s – service industries were to be created to accommodate leisurely activity

however, as technology has also grown, leisure has been squeezed.  without leisure we lose our individual and societal abilities to take stock, and have the freedom to choose our future

what threatens leisure?

climate crisis

technological developments

societal collapse

bad music do-do

austerity cuts

starker income inequality levels

maintaining leisure:

ironically we need time to make leisure time. we also need affordable areas and environments in which to nurture it

what sustains it?

to organise and fight for our right for leisure, as they do in mainland Europe, to be seen as humans, not machines, and reconnect with nature. more action now and we

may live to feel the benefit of leisure

Tjinder Singh – Singer, songwriter and producer of the band Cornershop